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Welcome to God’s Word for Life lesson companion podcast. LJ Harry encourages adult disciples to think deeply about God’s Word, to further develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to make a greater commitment to the purpose and plan of God for their lives.

Overlooked and Forgotten

Joseph sat on a crude bench deep within the walls of an Egyptian prison, overlooked and forgotten. Deep in thought, he tried to make sense out of his situation. What had gone wrong? Did he take a wrong turn? He started off as his dad’s favorite son, and now he’s in prison? Why had God let this happen to him?

From his youth Joseph was a strong believer in God. He had experienced dreams that, he was convinced, were inspired by God. But then, with blow after blow, his life had been reduced to living as a societal outcast in a foreign land.

Character Development

God's Word for Life seoFinally Joseph’s luck seemed to change when God gave him the interpretations of the dreams of two people who were very close to the most powerful man on the planet. Joseph had hoped one of them would mention his situation to someone who could help. But it had been months, and he still had not heard anything. He was a short distance from the throne room of Pharaoh, but people saw no value or potential in the prisoner from Palestine. That is, no one but God. God saw Joseph in a very different light. God saw a young man who was learning to trust. God saw a leader whose character was being developed. God saw the man who would preserve His chosen people.

What does it feel like to be dismissed or ignored?

Why do we sometimes tend to treat people differently when they appear to be homeless, poor, physically challenged, or face some other life difficulty?

Who are some overlooked people God is stirring you to reach out to?


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