Best Christian Podcast to Grow Your Faith | He Who Sits on the Throne

Welcome to God’s Word for Life lesson companion podcast. LJ Harry encourages adult disciples to think deeply about God’s Word, to further develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to make a greater commitment to the purpose and plan of God for their lives.

Hundreds throughout history have battled and deceived for the right to sit on an earthly throne. The God we serve has no contender for the throne of Heaven for He alone sits on the throne. Pick up your Bible or phone and turn to Revelation 22 to hear more.

How difficult would it be to gain an audience with a present-day king, president, or prime minister? Explain.

Jesus identified Himself in many ways: Alpha, Omega, Bread of Life, and so on. What titles or attributes of Jesus have the most personal significance in your life?

How is worship a gauge of our walk with God?

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To read more by LJ Harry, have a look at his new book, Ten Words, and Simplify, a devotionalIn this weekly devotional, he calls readers to stop and reflect on the Christian Life—to see the humor and to enjoy the simple pleasure of life. You don’t want to miss this devotional.



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