How Our Lives Can Be Transformed by Having the Mind of Christ

mind of christ seoIn this letter, Paul introduced a new concept to believers: the mind of Christ.  This concept of having the same outlook, attitude, and resulting humility toward others as Jesus did is expressed with unique clarity. “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians2:5).  Paul’s life was transformed while in prison. His joy sparkled like a prized jewel because it was born from a divine perspective. This mindset was refreshing, life-giving, and evident despite the difficult circumstances of prison life.  He encouraged the Philippians to stand firm in the face of persecution and to rejoice regardless of circumstances.

Paul had lived his life as the model Pharisee, but nothing could satisfy his soul like Jesus did, so he turned his attention to the “champion’s prize.” When we look at life from Heaven’s viewpoint, we recognize the things we should pursue.  However, before we can begin, God needs to instill new values and new energy to pursue the only goal worth striving for—Jesus Christ. Our focus, our energy, and our whole being must be directed toward the prize.

In this letter, Paul introduced a new concept to believers: the mind of Christ. This concept of having the same outlook, attitude, and resulting humility toward others as Jesus did is expressed with unique clarity. Click To Tweet

We are the bride of Christ, the church. Scripture tells us that the church is a functioning body where we all work together to further the Kingdom. When we become citizens of Heaven, we have a new vision of what our life can be and the purpose for which we live. It is the only prize worth fighting for and pursuing: the mind of Christ.

A Review of The Bride’s Prize by Paul D. Mooney

A fresh and inspiring look at the apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Brian Kinsey’s book is not to be missed.

The Bride’s Prize is focused on the vital work of preaching Christ—the mission to all the believers. Kinsey inspiringly points out that Paul’s letter to the Philippians was to remind them that although he had suffered shipwreck, imprisonment, and many other troubles, he had discovered that all things brought a “furtherance of the gospel” and that actually the troubles became joy. The author’s admonition on this point will change our thinking.

Paul’s letter was to teach the church “the mind of Christ” and to inspire them that “in nothing be terrified by your adversaries.” This book is timely and needed. It will open our understanding concerning personal conflicts and trials that are actually leading us to victory. We are facing a darkening world, and the author has given us a shield of understanding. As Kinsey puts it, the world is “traveling into danger” but The Bride’s Prize is a reminder that “conflict leads to victory.” Leaders and laymen need to read this book!


Resources and Links by Brian Kinsey

The Bride’s Prize (A Commentary on Philippians) – Whether the reader needs a quick reference for a specific verse in Philippians or wants to indulge in a thorough understanding of the entire letter, this commentary is an excellent place to start.

The Bride’s Pearl (A Commentary on Ephesians) – Kinsey’s rich analysis of the hidden pearls shed additional light on this most enlightening epistle.

Made for More – this book offers seven proven strategies for reaching your full potential.

Made for More Study Guide – Every person, regardless of his or her station in life, has the God-given potential to be something more than they currently are. This study guide offers seven proven strategies for reaching your full potential.

The Dancing Father – Just think, to have the Father Himself tap you on the shoulder and say, “Break from whatever you are doing. This dance is mine!” This book will help you discover joy and power through a daily relationship with God.

I Choose to WinI Choose To Win looks at the way God has dealt with people from the Old Testament times through today. By examining these great stories, inspiring heroes, and foundational biblical concepts, you will see how God works in our lives through adversity, not just despite it, to bring us to maturity and contentment.

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