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At Discipleship Now, unlock an incredible library of Apostolic Media for personal discipleship. Launch small groups with ease. Discipleship Now is designed for anyone, anywhere, anytime. The video you are viewing today is called “Family and Faith” by Connie Bernard.

Our families are gifts from God. The most important aspect of raising our family is that they are saved. We model to our children how to grow in our relationship with God every single moment. It is important that we saturate our families in His Word and His Spirit every day. We can create that environment and encourage everyone in our home to grow in our faith.

We set examples for our kids inside and outside of the home. What they see from you and what you do in private should always be the same. You can’t fool your family. At some point, they will see Jesus in you, or they won’t.

When we were building the church in Austin, we lived and breathed New Life Austin and went to church nonstop. But even in that chapter in our lives, Monday nights were our devotion night at home. It was our family time to live for Him together. We would have a story, prayer, Scripture reading, and ask each of our children for a testimony. Some of them were simple because they were so little. But what we were building in them was their faith.


What Do Your Children See in You?

Your children see your walk with God in how you live your life. What are they seeing in you? What do we need to be projecting through our speech and actions? Communication is so important. We shared continually the good things that God was doing around us. Friends would have an answer to prayer; we shared that with our children.

In our homes, our faith needs to be active; we need to speak His Word, faith, and truth in our homes. Let your faith be active and alive, and your family will see you living for Him, and they will want to do the same.

Our families are gifts from God. The most important aspect of raising our family is that they are saved. Click To Tweet

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