I Am a Disciple | New Series with Discipleship Now

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

You don’t have to be extraordinary to follow Jesus. Jesus picked a dozen ordinary disciples who were far from a dream team. One of their leaders was Simon Peter, the speak-before-you-think fisherman-turned-follower. If you have fallen as you have followed Jesus, you’re in good company. Peter did too.

Simon and Andrew left it all to follow Jesus. Simon came from a small village called Bethesda, but he moved to the big city of Capernaum. Simon was just fine financially before he followed Jesus, but he was being called to something higher than just making money. God was calling Simon to discipleship.

Disciple of Christ

Following Jesus is not a get rich scheme. We don’t follow for a bigger house or better car. Simon followed Jesus because he believed who He said He was. And we follow for the same reasons. He is the Christ.

Through this series, LJ Harry invites you to walk with us as we watch Peter follow, then fall, then find forgiveness, and finally preach the gospel to make disciples.

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