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porn crisis seo“While the church cannot stop the progression of sin and pervasion in our world, it can and must do something about its infiltration within the church.”

America is in crisis mode. Celebrities and politicians are facing severe scrutiny for sexual abuses they have perpetrated on innocent victims. The #MeToo movement has given voice to many victims who have buried their abuses for years.

While these revelations are stealing headlines, pornography is still heralded as a freedom and acceptable adult pastime. Yet it is pornography that feeds the minds of users who then act out their perverted desires on unsuspecting innocent victims, some in their early teens. How can our society continue to believe pornography is harmless while seeing the results of the sexual abuses committed by its users?

Lowering Societal Morals

Pornography is readily available to anyone looking for it, including children, and it seems the industry is OK with that.

Pornography affects our bodies and brains much the same way cocaine does.

We no longer see obscenity cases being prosecuted as they once were. All this adds up to another sexual revolution that is lowering societal morals yet again. Throw in the reality of human trafficking and child porn, and we can easily see just how sick and depraved our world has become. For some reason, the connection between consumption of pornography and predation is being overlooked.

The church, however, cannot neglect addressing this matter if we hope to help those bound by this devastating sin. We can see the devastation caused by pornography, so why is it so readily available? The answer is pornography is one of the most addictive sins due to the fact it is a counterfeit of one of the most amazing blessings and gifts God has given humanity––a healthy sexual relationship. Porn offers solace during stressful or lonely times; however, it masks the pain and frustration. It does not alleviate stress or isolation but instead compounds them. Pornography affects our bodies and brains much the same way cocaine does. It is an easy drug fix that must be conquered.

The most frightening aspect of pornography is that it lurks in the dark shadows of the church. It is easily one of the most common and hidden sins in the lives of Christians. Statistics bear that out. Worse yet, our young people are inundated with porn at earlier and earlier ages. Informal surveys reflect that the vast majority of our young people have viewed pornography. One such survey found that 94 percent of teen boys and 52 percent of teen girls have seen it. These are our kids.

Repentance is more than a simple prayer; it is a lifestyle change. Click To Tweet

At one Apostolic men’s conference, one hundred percent of attendees said they had seen pornography. These statistics should open our eyes. Women have become ensnared by pornography’s grasp as well. This is not a new issue, but it has reached epidemic proportions. Several states have even declared pornography to be a public health crisis.

I know the entanglement all too well; I lived it. When I was eight years old, I was exposed to pornography for the first time. That alluring temptation followed me into my late teen years when I began to procure porn for myself. Growing up in a pastor’s home while being bound by pornography caused me to feel like a misfit, which led to feelings of isolation and rejection. By the time I was in my twenties and married, sadly, I had developed a daily porn habit. All this had a profound effect on me; I felt like a loser.

Confusion and frustration filled my mind. Although I had prayed many times for God to remove this sinful desire from me, He did not; but that was not the problem. The problem? I did not know how to fight this battle. I assumed that by obeying God’s will for my life, victory would be automatic. Little did I know I had fallen prey to one of Satan’s lies. I did everything I knew to break free yet remained bound. Fear gripped me. I had failed to see my responsibility in overcoming sin and misunderstood what true repentance was. Repentance is more than a simple prayer; it is a lifestyle change. It is making the right decisions every day, each time we face temptation.

Effects of Pornography

While the church cannot stop the progression of sin and perversion in our world, it can and must do something about its infiltration within the church. Many members in our congregations have been broken by pornography and its resulting problems. Marital relationships have been damaged and homes destroyed. If you are bound, you already know the effects pornography causes in your life––loneliness, frustration, anger, physical ailments, sexual disorders, but most important, spiritual captivity! Many Christians, including Oneness Pentecostals, are ensnared by pornography.

Parents, you must monitor the online activities of your kids. Set limits and use filters.

We must address the real-world issues in the lives of Holy Ghost filled men and women, boys and girls. People are hurting all around us, including people in the church, because they are bound by sins that have them locked up. They want freedom but don’t know what to do because of the fear that comes with this kind of sin.

Parents, you must monitor the online activities of your kids. Set limits and use filters. It is your duty to raise your kids and protect them from the wiles of the enemy. We cannot leave sex education of our children to schools and teachers who may not share godly values. We cannot pretend this issue does not exist. It is time for the church to gain victory over these sins that so easily beset us. Jesus came to set captives free. If you are bound, you can be delivered. The price Jesus paid on the cross includes the sin of pornography and other hidden sins. His blood covers all sin. I know this to be true because I was once bound by pornography and Jesus liberated me.

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  1. I am happy to see the church realizes there is a problem. My husband suffered many years with sexual addiction, as the world would like to call the problem with pornography. At that time the ministry didn’t have the knowledge how to deal with it. My marriage fell apart & my children & neighbor children were abused by my ex-husband. I met my ex-husband at a Pentecostal church, we continued to attend church until everything exploded. I am sorry to say I left church & God for over 20 yrs. I cannot get those years back, but I have been back in church living for God for the last 4 yrs.

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