Untying God’s Hands: Letting God Remove the Plague

the plague seoAuthor Tina Royer writes about the plague of frogs in Egypt and artfully relates it to our lives today.

The ten plagues of Egypt are among the most recognizable events in Scripture. After four hundred years in Egypt, most of it under cruel oppression, God prepared to free His people from bondage. But since Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Israelites leave, Moses and Pharaoh engaged in back-and-forth discussions that eventually escalated into the ten plagues.

The Plague of Frogs

After the first plague in which Moses turned the water into blood, Moses stood before Pharaoh again, and he again asked for the release of the Israelites. In Exodus 8:2 Moses told Pharaoh, “If you refuse to let God’s people go, God will send frogs into the land.”

Pharaoh refused, so the frogs came. And they came. And they came. They were everywhere. The frogs multiplied until it was impossible to take a step without squashing them. In fact, Exodus 8:3–4 says that the frogs were in peoples’ homes, in their bedrooms, and even in their beds and ovens. It must have been disgusting.

So in verse 8, Pharaoh finally called for Moses and asked him to take away the frogs. Moses agreed and asked Pharaoh what seems to be a strange question: These slimy, loud creatures, when do you want God to take them away from your land, to stop them from disturbing your people? When should I ask the Lord to remove them?

And Pharoah’s answer is even stranger. The answer seems pretty obvious. The sooner the plague is gone, the better. But that’s not what Pharaoh requested.


Take the frogs away tomorrow.

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Pharaoh Had Little Compassion on His Own People

Tomorrow? Why wait? It doesn’t make sense that Pharaoh would let the Egyptians suffer one moment longer than they had to. The heart of a leader who loved his people would be such that as soon as the plague could be gone, the better. Apparently, Pharaoh didn’t only have no mercy on God’s people, but he had little compassion on his own people.

The logical answer is today. I want the plague gone today, the suffering to end now.

The pain, the heartache, the disease. God, take it now. Not tomorrow. The longer we wait, the worse it’s going to be. People I love are suffering. I’m suffering.

The longer we wait, the less strength any of us will have to make it.

Whatever you’re battling, don’t wait a moment longer. God wants to deliver you today.

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