The Training I Hope You Never Need

Periodically at UPCI Headquarters, experts train us on CPR. It’s a training I hope I never need, yet we prepare in the event of an emergency. Similarly, our teacher training focus this month takes us into a subject I hope you never have to face but must understand. This month I’m joined by a licensed attorney to discuss safety and liability in the church. I’d like to encourage you this month to consider the following:



  1. Watch this video and have a conversation with the appropriate leader(s) in your church.
  2. Ask your leaders what the mandatory reporting laws are in your state.
  3. Make sure you understand your building’s fire or emergency evacuation plans and active shooter protocols.
  4. Make safety and protection over those you minister to a point of prayer focus this month.

I hope you’ll never need to use the safety information we examine this month, but we can’t afford not to know it. May God bless and keep you and those to whom you minister!

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