How to Host an Effective Launch for God’s Word for Life

First, What Is God’s Word for Life?

Gods word for life seoGod’s Word for Life is a comprehensive spiritual growth program that accomplishes the biblical mandate of making disciples by linking the home and the church. It empowers leaders to create a culture of daily discipleship as families and individuals of all ages study the same Bible passage each week. While teaching materials and devotionals are flexible enough to be used in individual formats, God’s Word for Life works best when the entire church participates in the comprehensive solution so that daily conversation can spark spiritual growth (Deuteronomy 6:4–9; Hebrews 10:24).

Download Launch Package for Free

Download the God’s Word for Life Launch Package for free. (Find the link halfway down the page). You will learn how to host an effective Launch Sunday designed to engage every member in an exciting adventure of spiritual growth. The Launch service is structured to culminate in a time of commitment by individuals and families to daily devotions. God’s Word for Life partners home and church together to create a more robust discipleship environment. The Launch Package is complete with:

  • A Launch Sunday Strategy Guide
  • A God’s Word for Life Sermon Outline
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Presentation Slides
  • Banner Graphics
  • Easy Ordering Guide
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1. Set Your Launch Sunday Date

Ideally, your Launch Sunday should occur one week before the church will begin teaching and using God’s Word for Life. Picking a date as early as possible and securing it on the church calendar will provide optimal time for planning and preparation.

2. Evaluate Your Current Structure for Teaching

Do you use small groups, a Sunday school department, midweek teaching, or some other format for the teaching ministry of your church? What about it is working? What about it could be improved?

If you’ve moved away from teaching, it’s time to take a fresh look. Certainly attention spans have changed, people’s expectations are different than a generation ago, and the way we do church has shifted. But we never outgrow the need to learn from God’s Word. Now is not the time to abandon teaching, but it is time to reinvent it.

3. Take Inventory of Your Technology Needs

As part of God’s Word for Life’s mission to provide tools that match the times, each lesson of God’s Word for Life for each age level includes a video to supplement the lesson. Now would be a good time to consider the equipment and technology your leaders and teachers have for ministering to their groups or classes.

People are generally accustomed to viewing content on phones and small devices. Would it be optimal if you had a screen in each classroom?

Consider your existing inventory of technology equipment, your teaching structure going forward, and your budget. Invest dollars in what leads to lasting discipleship.

4. Order God’s Word for Life Curriculum

After making plans to restructure or innovate your teaching ministry, take inventory of the number of groups and classes; leaders, teachers, and volunteers; and students or group participants. In July, use that inventory alongside the Quick Order Guide (enclosed) to place an order for God’s Word for Life from Pentecostal Publishing House.

5. Create a Plan to Make Daily Devotionals a Centerpiece of the Launch

Part of what makes this launch so unique for your church is that the resources from God’s Word for Life give you a sustainable plan to create and maintain a culture of daily devotion for your whole church. The content in the Daily Devotional Guides focuses on the same Bible passage studied in the Leader Guides that teachers and leaders use to teach at church.

Find more information about launching a successful Launch Sunday and download your Launch package here.

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