Discipleship Now | Experience 2020 UPCI General Conference All Over Again

discipleship now seoWould you like to experience 2020 UPCI General Conference all over again? Well, you can. Discipleship Now has cataloged the services.

By streaming Discipleship Now, you will be able to watch these cataloged services: General Superintendent David K. Bernard’s message, services for Global Missions, North American Missions, Youth Ministries, Children’s Ministries Service, and the 75th Anniversary history of the United Pentecostal Church in story and skit format by historians and constituents of the UPCI.

Global Missions Service

In the 2020 Global Missions service, you will be informed about what God is doing around the world and inspired to join His mission right where you are. This global Apostolic church started in an upper room prayer meeting.

Pentecostal fires in North America were stoked by prayer meetings from Topeka, Kansas, to Azusa Street in California. Our commission today to preach the whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church is still fueled by Apostolic prayer.

The highlights of the service include:

  • An encouraging prayer by Sister Vesta Mangun
  • Reports from missionaries around the world about their revival in their countries while dealing with COVID-19
  • A word from Morgan Mwanza, the general superintendent of Zambia, of God’s power and reaching regions beyond
  • A prayer and charge by Global Missions Director Bruce Howell

North American Missions Service

Learn how Home Missions in North America was formed, now called North American Missions. Christmas for Christ offerings started in 1966. That year $103, 215 was raised. Sixty-eight years later, $102,142,506 has been raised to support church planters.

In this service, you will hear from various ministers from the North American church, General Director Scott Sistrunk, and Reverend Mark Drost.

Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Service

Learn about the merger of two oneness organizations. In this service, we commemorate seventy-five years of becoming the United Pentecostal Church. You will enjoy learning about the history recounted by various church leaders and through a skit. You won’t want to miss this recapturing of our history.

Watch and be encouraged by these services on Discipleship Now.

Though the world remained in lockdown for much of 2020, you will be reminded as you watch these videos that the message was unstoppable.

How to Access Discipleship Now

Discipleship Now is available on iOS and Android apps, as well as Apple TV, ROKU, Fire TV, and Android TV, or search “DiscipleshipNow UPCI” to download the app and channel.

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