Practice Makes Perfect

Think of a hobby, a sport, or some other interest that you’ve not pursued. Why have you remained interested and not engaged? What does it take to proceed from interest to engagement? What transports us from engagement to expertise?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the journey from interest to expertise was quick and easy? Think about how many pastimes we might be involved in if there were no practice required. On the other hand, if it were quick and easy to become experts in such areas, would we admire experts in those fields? Would we be impressed with World Series Champions? Would we admire Olympic medalists? Would we honor Nobel Prize recipients? How would our world change if most things came quickly and easily? What would happen to feelings of achievement and success?

Enough of the philosophy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Reality dictates practice to transform our interests into engagement and potential expertise. Movement from observer to successful participant requires action. We apply, exercise, operate, rehearse, train, refine, observe, study, and execute so that we might competently perform. Just reading each of these synonyms is a bit monotonous. Doing such things can be monotonous as well.

Our interests never materialize when we shy away from the work involved. What keeps people engaged in their pursuits? How do people press on when monotony injects its dulling effects? In what ways do people maintain ongoing practices that propel them toward perfection? The disciple’s interest here goes beyond career advancement, hunting trophies or baking blue ribbons.

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Practice makes perfect seoWhen we consider the importance of practice and ways to maintain practice, we motivate successful discipleship. Growth practices are challenged and inspired by fellow followers. A community of believers offers positive reinforcement. Focus on biblically defined practices ensures biblical outcomes. Likewise maintaining focus on the endgame, keeping our eyes on the prize, motivates as well. Engaging these perspectives convert spectators to participators, eventually transforming us into masters. In life, particularly in spiritual life, practice makes perfect.

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  1. A spiritual discourse on motivating Christians for action. Food provoking thoughts for the mind to develop greater capacity for learning.

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