A Note to Teachers: Leading with the Future in Mind

Lead with the Future in Mind

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you, our teachers in the church, are heroes. I’ve seen your sacrifice, your burden, and the vision you commit to week in and week out. For you, it’s not about getting through a lesson, babysitting rambunctious kids, or checking a box for another Sunday. I know you serve and lead with the passion you do because you believe in the mission of making lifelong Apostolic disciples.

In this week’s video I’m intentionally talking more broadly than just the preparation we do for a single Sunday; I’m connecting you to a resource for shaping your students’ future through a special experience. Knowing your influence extends beyond the forty-five minutes or one hour you stand in front of your class, what can we do in addition to our lessons to help students in their journey? One important factor is exposing them to the privilege of serving others. This interview provides ways you can create a missions-minded culture for your students. Special thanks to AYC Director Seneatha Clayton for this conversation; together we can shape the next generation of world changers.

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Resources and Links

Missionary Prayer Cards: Incorporating prayer for world missions is an essential part of every class so the next generation learns to pray Kingdom-minded prayers. Be sure you have a set of Missionary Prayer Cards for your classroom, and consider providing a set for each student’s home to extend this important aspect of prayer into daily home life.

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