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Pentecostal Publishing House offers several popular titles relevant to today’s Christian woman reader.

Apostolic Pentecostal women are hungry for godly content that will strengthen and help them grow into the women God called them to be. They’re looking for books to inspire, challenge, and encourage their walk with Christ. Pentecostal Publishing House offers several of the best Christian books for women today. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite titles—each one perfect for any stage of life or season of faith. Whether you’re single, married with children, divorced, or widowed, our top ten list (with a bonus title) has something for everyone.

So grab that cup of coffee and order one (or all) of these recommended book titles today!

1. Christians and Strongholds  by Kim Haney 

Do you become overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions?

Strongholds are the walls of internal bondage that have been built up over time. They are not just a single event, but rather they are constructed through many events and experiences. Often we do not recognize what is happening because we are so overly controlled by our emotions. In Christians and Strongholds, author Kim Haney shares her experiences and asks readers to open their hearts to allow Jesus to reveal truth and to receive freedom God’s way. This book will help equip readers with weapons needed to work effectively against the enemy who seeks to control their lives and minds through their emotions.

2. God Has a Waiting Room  by Kim Haney

Are you a faithful believer who sometimes struggles with unanswered prayers?

Author Kim Haney’s book, God Has a Waiting Room, will help you understand the spiritual dynamics of waiting on God. It’s not just about sitting around and doing nothing, but rather it’s about learning how to respond during the wait. This book teaches us how to respond in faith until our promises become manifest. Much depends on how we respond “during the wait.”

You don’t have to sit around and do nothing while your prayers seem to go unanswered. Readers will discover that everything they need to know about waiting on God depends on what they do in the waiting season. While you’re waiting, we encourage you to pick up this easy-to-read inspirational book today!

3. Shoutin’ on the Hills by Nona Freeman

Are you looking for a book that will build your faith?

From the charming storytelling of UPCI veteran missionary Nona Freeman, Shoutin’ on the Hills recounts the life and times of Sister Freeman’s mother, Carrie Eastridge. The biography will build your faith and encourage you through difficult times as you discover how Sister Eastridge—through a life of poverty, sudden death of loved ones, and the struggles with her own personal health—stayed committed to serving God. Her ministry included preaching, starting churches, and constantly serving others in need.

Sister Freeman does an exceptional job of recounting her mother’s tremendous faith, love for God, and desire to see others saved.

Shoutin’ on the Hills is a quick and easy read that is difficult to put down. You’ll be inspired and convicted all at the same time as she explains what godly dedication and commitment to ministry should look like today.

4. Teach Us to Pray & Fast  by Kim Johnson

How can you make your prayer and fasting habits more intentional?

Author Kim Johnson’s book Teach Us to Fast and Pray serves as an excellent tool for personal growth and instructing others. Each page is full of lessons guiding the reader on how to follow the leading of God’s Spirit into a deeper and more fulfilling prayer and fasting life. Johnson offers several practical tips that will change your habits and have a direct impact on both your commitment and consistency.

She offers several spiritual insights to help answer some of your most unanswered questions about prayer and fasting. This insightful book will teach you how to focus on the spiritual realm and give you confidence in leading others to God.

You can have a better understanding of what it means to pray without ceasing and experience the power that comes from fasting together with others.

5. Preach Like a Lady: A Handbook for Women in Ministry by Lori Wagner

Are you a woman who feels called to preach, teach, or lead in some other form of spiritual leadership?

In Preach Like a Lady, author Lori Wagner provides answers for women who are called to ministry. The book is written in two parts. Part one covers topics like:

  • Finding God’s will
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Ministering as a woman
  • Preaching with anointing
  • Spiritual growth

Part two discusses the relationship roles, safeguards, and importance of a woman’s calling in ministry. Wagner provides important insights into the biblical and historical roles of women in ministry throughout history, while also incorporating the challenges that present-day female ministers face. She also offers practical tips on how to overcome these challenges through sound advice from seasoned female ministers who have already traveled down this path.

If you’ve ever felt unsure where God is leading you next or how to respond to your calling, this book was written just for you. It doesn’t matter if your call feels big or small; it doesn’t matter whether your calling is traditional or nontraditional; it doesn’t even matter if people tell you that “women shouldn’t be doing that.” This book was written specifically for those who are seeking direction for their calling.

6. Schedule Your Dream by Liane Grant

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11, NIV).

If we all had an extra hour every day, think of what we could accomplish. Schedule Your Dream by Liane Grant helps readers discover how they can use their time more efficiently and effectively, so they can spend less time doing menial tasks and focus on pursuing their dreams instead.

The author has been there herself—working from home while trying to balance family life with work commitments—which is why she knows exactly what it takes for people who want success without sacrificing everything else in life too. She shares her secrets for managing multiple roles successfully using tried-and-tested techniques anyone can apply immediately at no cost whatsoever.

Similar books in this genre encourage readers to take drastic steps such as quitting their jobs or seeking help from others to complete tasks; however, this book isn’t like the others. It provides feasible steps anyone can take to make progress.

Author Liane Grant describes how she was able to overcome her own obstacles and create a system that will help you meet your personal and professional goals. She doesn’t just tell you what you should do but offers simple steps and strategies that will help in every situation. You don’t have to change who you are as a person—just adopt a paradigm shift and develop some new habits that become second nature.

Follow the advice in this book, and within a few days, you will see how rewarding it is to schedule your dream.

7. The Girl in the Dress Series by Lori Wagner and Gwyn Oakes

What does it mean to be a girl who is known for her modesty and purity?

In a world that increasingly places less emphasis on modesty and purity, The Girl in the Dress series addresses where true beauty can be found. Authors Wagner and Oakes guide a reader through a biblical approach to how one should walk, talk, and dress in a way to discover true beauty. You can have the reputation of being someone who stands out because of your stance on holiness instead of what others prioritize.

The first book in the series (The Girl in the Dress) isn’t just about dressing modestly; rather, it also teaches us how our words affect others as well as ourselves. When we say something unkind or mean-spirited, the authors discuss what the impact is on those around us. When we speak kindly with love in our hearts toward others, it brings joy, builds confidence, and reflects God in us.

The launch of the series made such an impact that the authorial team added three additional volumes covering body art, cosmetics, hair, purity, and more. This is an exceptional series that teaches how to be comfortable with who we are and how God made us exactly the way He wanted us to be.

8. Notable Women of Scripture by Ken Gurley

Which woman of the Bible should I pattern my life after?

On the road to becoming a godly lady of faith, the world seems determined to create potholes, detours, and traffic jams in our path that oppose the principles taught in Scripture. This is why it is more important now than ever before to model our lives after godly examples as shown to us in the Bible.

Notable Women of Scripture is a tremendous study that brings the women in your Bible to life and serves as a perfect template on right attitudes and actions that please God. With this book you can combine an in-depth Bible study and practical application to become the woman of faith God is calling you to be.

9. Restoring Love by Tina Royer

How do I overcome shame and unnatural affection?

The time has come for us to fully understand that God can bring freedom from the chains that surround unnatural affections and the shame that comes with it. While we know what God’s plan for love and marriage should look like through a biblical lens, we need to also speak healing and reconciliation to those who have wounds from living beyond God’s plan. If you have ever dealt with issues surrounding sexuality or know someone who has, this book will most certainly help!

Author Tina Royer is an Apostolic author who writes through her lens of personal experience. Having been raised in an environment surrounded by vice, she had no idea just how steep the path leading out of the wilderness of the world would be. For her entire life, the chains of addiction and sexual immorality had chased after her. Royer is transparent and raw in discussing how her battles within did not end when she was baptized. In many ways, her true inner battle was just beginning. Her journey is a testimony of overcoming these types of struggles. Although learning about such battles is not always easy, discovering that God’s loving arms continue to reach for us in such dark times encourages the reader to know they are never truly alone.

It’s time to discuss the complex issues we face as Apostolic Pentecostal ladies today. This book is an important tool for starting some of those conversations.

10. Dare to Bloom by Zim Flores

Either by choice or by circumstance, we all encounter seasons of “starting over.” Those times of hardships, abundance, seeking, and struggle all serve a purpose—because growth demands change. Dare to Bloom urges the reader to be both vulnerable and resilient in those new seasons of life as we boldly position ourselves for what God has for us in our next season of life.

Entrepreneur and author, Zim Flore (neè Ugochukwu), reveals the challenges she’s faced as a Nigerian immigrant on her quest to discover her true identity and how even personal failures have helped shape her sense of purpose.

Dare to Bloom offers readers practical advice and hard-won truths related to:

  • Reclaiming your true identity
  • Surrendering your desired outcomes to God
  • Navigating new beginnings with hope for whatever is next
  • Joyfully participating in your own story—even when you don’t know what the future holds

This powerful gift provides readers with a reminder that their true identity never changes. It empowers those who feel stuck in their current circumstances to follow God obediently into the unknown, finding joy in each new beginning. Though our identifies are challenged day by day, Dare to Bloom encourages us to reclaim our identity in God, who remains unchanging through it all.

11. Diamonds for Dusty Roads by Joy Haney

Do you desire to be more consistent in your daily devotions?

Each year, Christians attempt to prioritize time with God through prayer, reflection, and Bible reading as a New Year’s resolution. Having a trusted daily devotional is essential in establishing consistency and growing within these spiritual disciplines.

Apostolic leader Joy Haney has been an anchor for women seeking to deepen their relationship with God through prayer and Bible reading. The authenticity of her own powerful walk with God coupled with over twenty-five years as a prolific author of Apostolic books makes Diamonds for Dusty Roads a must read for anyone serious about developing their spiritual habits. This beautiful hardcover compiles Sister Haney’s many scriptural inspirations structured around wit, wisdom, and exploration of God’s word.

This devotional provides readers with 365 days of reliable guidance for spending time thinking about God and His Word each day for the entire year. Each devotional begins with a verse of Scripture followed by the author’s insight about applying that passage for daily life. The devotional often includes poems or stories to help bring the concept to life in ways easily applied to your situations today.

The Pentecostal Publishing House invites you to explore each of these recommendations from our list of must-read Christian Books for Women!

We are certain that these books are perfect for any woman looking to strengthen her relationship with God. You’ll find practical advice on topics ranging from prayer and leadership to modesty and your calling from God.

These books would also make the perfect gifts for friends, family, or anyone else you know on their spiritual journey.

So what are you waiting for? Order your first title today!