Parents, Are You Looking for an Apostolic Bible Study for Children?

bible study for children seoParents, perhaps you are looking for a biblical curriculum to supplement your studies with your children this year. This four-module curriculum is designed to teach children between the ages of eight and twelve the foundational blocks of the Apostolic faith.

Have your children recently received their personal Pentecost? Are you looking for a resource to help them understand their experience? Elements for Children provides videos and teaching materials on topics relating to the new birth and builds a foundation to help children grow in a new relationship with God. This discipleship tool includes a printed leader’s guide and a USB with videos to add excitement to this vital teaching.

A Bible Study for Children with Apostolic Truths

Included in each lesson are engaging discussion questions to help the parent connect to the student. Examples include: Ask students to discuss God’s presence in their lives. What is the seed that has been planted in your life? What would it be like physically to walk and talk with God? Did you notice a difference in the way you prayed this week?

Like Cornelius in Act 10, children often recognize the presence of God and receive the Holy Ghost before being baptized. This curriculum provides an overview of what comes next. It is not meant to be an in-depth study of each subject; it merely provides an overview so children can know what to expect from God (and what He expects from them) in the coming journey.

Parents, help clarify the foundational blocks of the Apostolic faith by studying Elements for Children. Help your child hunger for more of God.

What’s Included?

The Elements for Children Bundle includes:

  • Leader’s Guide in Print
  • Digital Student’s Guide
  • Elements Media USB
  • Digital Completion Certificate


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Elements for Children

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