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Dealing with grief is a difficult process. Helping others through their grief is often necessary but can also be awkward and uncomfortable. If you have found that you don’t know the words to say, or if you want to understand your own grieving process better, the Pentecostal Publishing House would like to help.

We understand the pain and heartache that comes from losing a loved one. Our mission is to help people find hope, comfort, and peace in their time of need through our Christian books on grief. We offer many helpful books on grief that can provide support for those who are grieving, as well as those who want to learn more about how to help others cope during this difficult time.

You don’t have to struggle through the grieving process alone. We invite you to browse our selection of the best books on grief today. Whether it’s finding strength in God or learning coping skills, we have something for everyone looking for guidance during a difficult time. Our authors are experts at helping people heal after loss. Consider one of these books to help you move forward into a brighter future filled with love and happiness again. Let our books on dealing with grief serve as your guide along the way.

Below you will discover a small sample of the best Christian books on grief that you can give someone who needs help today.

1. A Kintsugi Principle by Angie Clark

Have you experienced traumatic life events that may have left you feeling cracked or broken?

As a prized creation, the Master Potter no doubt has a vision for your life. However, through the process of refinement by stress and fire, cracks may appear that leave us wondering why me?

This book is meant to answer these questions metaphorically by describing kintsugi, a Japanese traditional method of pottery repair. If you are searching for books on grief, author Angie Clark approaches the subject in a unique way of examining the reality of brokenness in the life of a believer by comparing our grief to pottery in the hands of the master potter.

Life disappointments can be devastatingly traumatic, and they can mold our character as we grow. Do we allow it to leave us broken,  or are we willing to allow the Holy Spirit to put us back together the way God intended?

You will find yourself inspired by Clark’s unique approach to discovering the extraordinary correlation between the three types of kintsugi repair and the work God wants to do in you. It’s time to take control of your destiny. Eternity demands that the creation allows itself to be put back together by the Creator.

Clark’s words encourage those who feel broken to be molded by Christ once again to become the masterpiece they were meant to be. View this book at Pentecostal Publishing House.

2. A Light in Darkness: Stories of Grief and Loss (Jonathan Mohr, Editor)

Have you lost a loved one?

If so, this is one of the best books on grief and loss available. The UPCI Family Ministries Council (with the editorial direction of Jonathan Mohr) has compiled several stories that read like letters from friends who have already walked through the valley of the shadow of death. These writers will encourage and comfort you as they share their own journeys with grief. You’ll find hope in knowing that others have experienced the same struggles too and will be reminded that God has not abandoned you. He is always near to those who call on Him in faith.

A Light in Darkness: Stories of Grief and Loss can help ease your pain and bring peace to your heart during this difficult time in your life. With an introduction provided by Reverend Scott Graham, the general secretary of the United Pentecostal Church International, you’re sure to be encouraged. He writes, “While each route through this valley is unique to the individual traveler, thankfully you are not the first to walk through it. There are those who already have passed this way before, and they offer you the accumulated insights and lessons they have learned. They would never suggest it will be easy, for they know too much about it. But they have learned a few things along the way. These stories are from fellow ‘valley travelers.’ Some of these writers may be further down the road than you are, but they remember well the feelings, the fear, the profound and haunting awareness of living in the constant presence of an absence.”

This title is also available as an e-book as well.  Click here to order your copy from the Pentecostal Publishing House today!

3. The Monster Called Grief: How to Deal with Grief by Anita Sargeant

Have you ever dealt with grief on a deeply personal level?

Grief is a monster that gnaws at the soul, crippling many and preventing them from pursuing a life of fulfillment and happiness. Tools are available to confront this monster, break free from its grip, and live your best life. This book gives you those tools.

You can overcome grief by learning how to deal with it in healthy God-directed ways, so that it doesn’t cripple or prevent you from living your best life. This title is not just another one of those ordinary books on grief. Reading this book will provide you with the necessary insight on how to deal with the monster called grief. Author Anita Sargeant has been through loss and knows firsthand how to deal with grief. As an expert in her field, her advice is all the more valuable for anyone struggling with their own personal loss right now. Sargeant writes the book in such a way that the reader might feel she is right beside the author and learning from her.

Don’t let another day go by without getting started on your journey towards slaying the monster called grief once and for all! View this book at Pentecostal Publishing House.

4. Barren: Infertility, Grief, and Mustard Seed Faith by Rosa L. Miller

Struggling with infertility happens more often than you know, and it can lead to overwhelming and suffocating grief!

You are not alone. The topic of infertility is often not spoken about and few resources exist on the subject. The journey to becoming a parent is often filled with pain, suffering, and doubt. Hope exists for those who have lost faith and who are disappointed in their ability to become parents. In Barren, author Rosa Miller, along with her husband, Tim, offer insight into their personal journey in their pursuit of a family through the barren valley of grief.

This book is for anyone who has experienced loss or lost their way. It is a personal and inspiring memoir of faith and family. If you are expecting perfection, you will not find it here. You will only find shades of yourself and tools to help. Miller tackles the enormous task of showing you how to find peace despite struggles that come your way. She will guide you through grief of infertility through faith in God’s plan for your life. This book will help you discover what it means to be a child of God in trying times and help you find peace. The raw openness and candid manner that Rosa and Tim record their experiences will captivate you.

“Let me encourage you today by saying ‘You’re Not Alone!’ There is always hope if we seek Him first! So let’s get started on your journey together. I’m right beside you every step of the way! Join me on my journey from infertility, grief, and mustard-seed faith into motherhood and beyond” (Rosa Miller). View this book at Pentecostal Publishing House.

5. Survival Strategies by Teri Spears

Have you ever felt blue for so long that you are unsure if you’ll ever be happy again?

In Survival Strategies author Teri Spears expertly weaves together life experiences and compelling stories. She tells a simple, yet complex message of hope and transformation, helping the reader believe in a life God wants them to have despite being battered. You will be reminded that you are loved and feel inspired to unify your soul, body, spirit.

It doesn’t take long in the world of science research to find studies demonstrating that language is a defining characteristic in shaping how humans interact with their environments and how humans grow and develop. Let’s take that a step further, though. Have you ever wondered if you would be able to see something you do not have a word for? Do you even notice it?

Armed with life experiences and compelling stories, Spears answers questions while weaving a simple yet complex message of hope and transformation. She uses the acronym BLUE (Battered, Loved, Unified, Enlarged) and shares BLUE survival strategies to survive hard times with a song and a smile. If you find yourself battered beyond belief or wondering if you’ll ever love again, this book is for you. You will be given tools to live loved, unify your body, soul, and spirit, and as a result, be enlarged.

“In these times of extreme storms, when life’s circumstances had battered me beyond recognition, I would reach a point when the simple instruction “pray and read the Word” didn’t work. . . .When I admitted to my friend, T. W. Barnes, this lost ability to concentrate, to do the simplest of all spiritual exercises, I was so relieved with his response. He instructed me to merely be. He reiterate the story to me about Elijah in I Kings 17, when Elijah was forced to hide by the brook Cherith. . . . As my mentor walked me through the story, in his down-home country way, I could clearly see what he was showing me about God. God made a way for Elijah to wholly fully rest. God even provided the room service with a fresh brook for water and ravens delivering his food daily!”

Life can be a tough assignment. Let it make us better, not bitter, by learning these survival strategies. View this book at Pentecostal Publishing House.

6. Disasters Minister by Lynne Jewett, Melinda Poitras

The authors share their heartbeat and how they’ve created this book: “It seems that throughout my life, I have had to face challenges of many shapes and sizes. Through those challenges are the stories. Through each story, there has been a lesson learned. That is what I wish to accomplish through the writing of this book. I wish to share the lessons I feel that the Lord has taught me through each and every disaster. Thus the title, Disaster Ministers. My prayer for you, the reader, is that each story and lesson learned will help build your faith to believe that the Lord has a plan for your tomorrow. Yes, even YOU!”

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me” (Jeremiah 29:11-13, NLT). The Lord will use Disasters Minister to inspire you to live your life in faith through all of life’s disasters. View this book at Pentecostal Publishing House.

7. Wounds: How to Heal from Life’s Thorns by Deborah Randall

Have you ever been devastated? Do you wonder why it had to happen to you? Life brings heartaches, pain, wounds, death, rejection, and hardships. Sometimes it is hard to get up when you have been knocked down.

Pain is something we all experience. We cannot allow suffering to define our life. Wounds can rob our future. We need support when we are going through a hard time. This book is written with true-life stories that will minister and equip you for your destined victory over wounds. When we overcome the offense, our suffering will give us greater compassion for others. God will use our heartbreak to make us stronger, wiser, and victorious.

This book will remind you that you can be victorious through Christ. Commitment and perseverance will cause the chains to break. Your thinking will change, and you will become free. View this book at Pentecostal Publishing House. View this book at Pentecostal Publishing House.