What’s So Spiritual about Fasting? | A Podcast with David K. Bernard, Episode 89

Many churches set aside time for prayer and fasting at the beginning of the new year. This begs the question: what’s so spiritual about going hungry? Dr. David K. Bernard explains what the Bible says about fasting and why an empty stomach can bless your soul. He covers the biblical purpose of fasting in this podcast and how saying no to food can help you say yes to a closer relationship with God.

The Bible repeatedly refers to the practice of fasting, and in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus made the assumption that His followers would fast. Jesus said, “When you fast.” (See Matthew 6:16–18.) Then He gives guidelines: don’t boast in your fasting, don’t make a public show, don’t have a mournful expression and unkempt appearance, don’t tell people you are fasting. We don’t fast to earn salvation or blessings. Nor is fasting like a vending machine where you put in enough money and push the right buttons to get the answer you want. It’s a wrong approach to look at fasting to earn favors with God. All of God’s blessings are by grace and our prayers should be in accordance with the will of God.

When we fast, we set aside our physical necessities temporarily because we have greater spiritual needs. Click To Tweet

Fasting is a way of establishing spiritual priorities and disciplines. When we fast, we set aside our physical necessities temporarily because we have greater spiritual needs. Fasting trains our bodies and minds to do the will of God regardless of physical desires.

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