More Like Him | Principles on Spiritual Formation

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James Littles invites us to take a closer look at the process of becoming more like Jesus. Through careful examination of Scripture honed over a lifetime of walking a journey of faith, he shares many of the insights he has learned and taught. This book will gently nudge you in the direction of a closer walk with the Master. And as you make your way through the book, you will find joy and a refreshing in your spirit in the process.

More Like Him Book Excerpt

Every type of book comes with its own reading guidelines. One does not usually read a technical manual like a science fiction book. A book on spiritual formation must start with an open and honest dependence on God’s grace. Without God’s sustaining grace we will not be able to face areas needing change, have courage to take the necessary steps under the prayerful eye of others, or be able to sustain our steps until we have experienced significant spiritual transformation. Prayer for God to be glorified with our lives comes next. Anything that brings us glory deforms us rather than makes us more like the Master. Another component of the journey is to recognize our defensiveness and efforts to seek pain reduction as our primary goal. Spiritual formation does not seek the same goals as psychotherapeutic closure. Being transformed will reveal areas of spiritual immaturity and brokenness. God’s grace gives us confidence in those moments that our Teacher values us as His own and will be with us as we are renewed in His image.

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Most of us stopped reading books in groups once we got out of elementary school. Spiritual formation books work best in community because we must be formed as Christ’s body rather than free-standing individuals that have everything together. Take time with others to discuss the Spirit’s claims on your life.

Finally, be willing to limit your areas of growth to one or two spiritual dimensions at a time. As the Spirit reveals areas needing renewed transformational focus, pursue that area until the process begins to produce fruit. While you may want to read through the whole book over a given period of time, you will need to focus on one chapter at a time to move from informational to transformational reading.

Thank you for letting me walk with you on this exciting journey of spiritual formation. I look forward to seeing Jesus’ image and mission more fully formed in us.

More Like Him at a Glance

  1. Walking in Newness of Life
  2. Abiding in Christ
  3. The Mission
  4. Worship, Baptism, and Communion
  5. The Word and Prayer
  6. Fasting and Service
  7. Thanksgiving and Blessing
  8. Repenting and Forgiving
  9. Simplicity and Stewardship
  10. Work and Leisure
  11. Humility and Silence
  12. Loss and Suffering
  13. Talking and Writing
  14. Remembering and Storytelling

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More Like Him – If you would like to become more like Jesus, grab this book today.


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