Parents, Are You Looking for a Christian Book for Children?

Christian book for childrenMeet author Tammy Huba. She has written Notmee, a Christian book for children about an invisible sibling living in the home.

A Note from the Author

Raising children on the best days can be challenging. One thing I learned is to enjoy this responsibility and turn teaching moments into fun moments. If you’re a parent, I have this sneaking suspicion that you have had an invisible sibling in your home, just like we did. When asking our children who did something, like breaking a vase, each said, “Not me.”

We started saying, “Where is Notmee? Poor guy, he takes all the blame.” We began to make it a fun way in our home to learn responsibility, teaching we should always own up to our mistakes and try to correct them to the best of our ability.

You can turn this concept of accountability into a hide-and-seek time with your kids. Try as they may, Notmee cannot be found. Then take your child to a mirror and show who is really responsible for things otherwise blamed on someone else like “Notmee.”

This concept of involving your children in the learning process and solution helps them process the lesson better, and it will take some added pressure off you. These years will go by so swiftly. Cherish every moment, perfect or messy. Believe it or not, one day they will be distant memories. Try to turn those corrective moments into fond memories. Our children still talk about these lessons and are now sharing with their children.

Devotions for Children

By the way, Notmee moved in with my grandblessings. He really gets around—some more fun times ahead! Hope you will take the time to purchase your own copy of Notmee. Devotions and questions have been added at the end for your little ones. May you enjoy Notmee as much have we have in our family!

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