What Is a Study Bible?

study bible seoYou’ve been studying the Bible for years, but you would like scholarly content to help you dive deeper into the Word. You don’t just want to read the Bible from cover to cover. You desire to take your time, and really understand the details. That’s why you need a study Bible.

Study Bibles are just like any other Bible on the market in regard to Scriptures, but what makes them different are the supplemental information they provide. For example, a men’s study Bible will oftentimes offer anecdotes geared toward men alongside the passage of Scripture written by scholars or other leaders to help readers glean insight into the historical or geographical context of the passage.

A teenage study Bible may provide readers with relatable high school anecdotes, colorful maps, or other visuals to paint a picture alongside the Scripture to better understand location or demographics of the area discussed.

What sets a study Bible apart from traditional Bibles is the supplemental material packaged within it. When reading, you will discover commentary, graphics, or etymological definitions for certain words in the side margins or bottom of the text. This supplementary material guides readers through a deeper study of Scripture than that which they would glean on their own with a traditional Bible.

Searching online for the right study Bible can feel overwhelming with the sheer volume of choices. However, if you are trying to select a study Bible that provides the lens of a Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal, there’s only one obvious answer.

The Apostolic Study Bible from Pentecostal Publishing House is an exclusive Study Bible written by Oneness Pentecostal scholars and influential Apostolic Pentecostal leaders. These writers have dedicated their lives to studying the Apostolic message in depth and came together to create these supplementary pages.

Within your Apostolic Study Bible you will discover a variety of helpful features, such as:

  • Study notes written exclusively by Oneness Pentecostal scholars.
  • Special emphasis given to scriptural passages that are important to the Apostolic message.
  • Feature articles on Pentecostal distinctives of holiness, the new birth, living in covenant, miracles, and more by David K. Bernard, Daniel Segraves, David Norris, and other notable scholars.
  • Concordance created with emphasis on verses of Scripture significant to Oneness Pentecostals

Get More Out of Your Bible Study Sessions

The Apostolic Study Bible leads you beyond the text for content and takes you on a journey deeper through contextual exploration. The feature articles provide Oneness Pentecostal’s specific highlights to further expound on areas of miracles, the new-birth experience, as well as supplemental scriptural support for holiness and what it means.

In addition to the Apostolic Study BiblePentecostal Publishing House also offers several independent commentaries in their Apostolic Handbook Series. This series provides a bridge between a full verse-by-verse commentary of certain Books of the Bible and the more robust Apostolic Study Bible. Within each separate book, you will glean deeper insight into the specific culture, language, and history of the Scripture from the perspective of Oneness Pentecostal authors.

But if you are looking for one Book that can do it all, the best study Bible for Apostolic Pentecostals is the Apostolic Study Bible.

Size and Weight

One drawback to any Study Bible is size. The purpose of any study Bible is to provide supplementary material alongside the traditional text of a normal Bible. As a result many study Bibles are rather bulky and heavy. These types of Bibles are best left in your favorite area of study and are not typically what you carry with you on a regular basis. Pentecostal Publishing House offers a wide array of options for anyone seeking a more slimline and compact option to the Apostolic Study Bible.


Study Bibles are excellent supplementary resources for the church of today. While the commentary and articles are helpful, they do not replace the actual Scripture shared in God’s Word. The articles and commentary guide the reader on their journey to interact with God’s Word in a much more significant way.

It is important readers also seek personal revelation from God’s Word through developing their own prayer life as well. You never want your views of God’s Word to come solely from commentary or articles without reviewing the Bible verses in the articles yourself. The Bible is God’s living Word that speaks life to us in every season of our walk with Him. However, sometimes having the additional reflections of scholarly leaders is necessary to point us in the right direction.

In short, you should buy the Apostolic Study Bible from Pentecostal Publishing House and allow it to be used as an extra tool to guide you in your personal walk with God.




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