Seven Tips for Change


  1. Nail down the essentials (daily prayer, Bible reading, focus time, and journaling). Journaling changed my for change seo
  2. Refrain from making emotional decisions (fears make bad choices anyway). Never make a long-term decision on a short-term emotion.
  3. Do something every day that moves you closer to your goals, big dreams, and hopes.
  4. Do a forgiveness analysis on yourself. Don’t take old hang-ups with you into your new season. Clean out the proverbial junk drawer.
  5. Embrace the new normal, regardless of what you may not like about it. Not liking elements of change will create resistant barriers in your mind. These self-created barriers will hinder your growth in your new season. You will end up missing out on something God had for you in the new season.
  6. Remember, the day will come when you won’t want to leave the season you are about to enter. Your future you will love things about this new season. Give your future you a chance to love the new things each season brings.
  7. Connect to people who can help you in your new season—people who pull you up, encourage you, and even shove you off a cliff to prove to you that you really can fly.

Rick Lovall is a senior loan officer with the UPCI Loan Fund and the assistant director of the Stewardship Group.

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