Three Tips for Teaching Adults

How about Teaching Adults?

Often I gear training videos around teaching kids. I argue that our kids’ teachers are a gift to the church—all their extra efforts to keep attention, referee the wiggles, and inspire a foundational love for God and His Word: wow! I’m so thankful!

I’m also thankful for those who teach adults. While that ministry usually operates differently, it’s also vital. We never outgrow our need for teaching about God and His Word. So in this month’s video, I give three quick tips for those teaching adults:

  • Get adult learners talking to ensure they think about Scripture.
  • Ask you-centered questions to prompt adults to apply the Word, moving from abstract concept to being a doer of the Word as James instructed.
  • Build on everyone’s comments so the group helps drive the lesson to its destination (the life application of the Bible passage).

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