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Welcome to God’s Word for Life lesson companion podcast. LJ Harry encourages adult disciples to think deeply about God’s Word, to further develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to make a greater commitment to the purpose and plan of God for their lives.

God, Our Shepherd

The six short yet sure verses of Psalm 23 have held the unsure hands of many going through the trial of their life. It is one of the most beautiful psalms in all Scripture: the Shepherd’s psalm. Pick up your Bible or phone and turn to Psalm 23 to hear all about our Shepherd.

  1. Oftentimes we think of God’s blessings in terms of what He has given to us, but what about what God has kept us from? What are some of the things we may not have experienced because of God’s protection?
  2. Can you count all of God’s blessings in your life? Have you ever tried? Perhaps a good exercise in the coming days would be to sit down and write out as many of God’s blessings as you can recall.
  3. What are some of the ways we can constantly, purposefully, and intentionally “dwell” in God’s presence? In between church services, how can we experience God on a daily basis?

LJ Harry is the senior pastor at Mount Vernon Church in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and is the adult editor for God’s Word for Life curriculum.

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To read more by LJ Harry, have a look at his new book Ten Words and SimplifyIn this weekly devotional, he calls readers to stop and reflect on the Christian Life—to see the humor and to enjoy the simple pleasure of life. You don’t want to miss this devotional.



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