Prayer Warriors with Little Feet | A Book on Prayer for Children

book on prayer We are living in such a crucial hour as Christians. One of the most important jobs for a parent or guardian is to teach our children what it takes to survive in this world. The greatest survival tool of all is prayer. This invitation that God gives us is for children as well (Mark 10:14). As soon as children can repeat words, we should train them to pray. Teaching children this skill helps them to understand that God is always accessible and always there for them.

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Prayer Warriors with Little Feet encourages children to use the power and authority in Jesus’ name. Three prayer styles in the book include:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. All levels o­ffer a hands-on approach with activity pages to encourage learning that uses common everyday things children are familiar with. When children are called upon to pray (out loud), they will confidently have the needed language of prayer.

Having the responsibility to help our children understand that we must work to build a more complete relationship with God, both as a family unit and as an individual, this book is a great resource tool to help shape our emerging prayer warriors with little feet.

Juli Jasinski is an ordained minister with the UPCI, WNOP ids Prayer Coordinator, MA/RI District Prayer Coordinator, author, and conference speaker.

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Prayer Warriors with Little Feet

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