Mission Possible | Effective Soulwinning Tips

soulwinning seoSoulwinning—a mission you must choose to accept. Mission Possible takes a fresh look at winning the lost by depicting a soulwinner as a secret agent.

Soulwinners and secret agents both have similar missions—conversion. Aids at the end of most chapters of this book promote action, by helping readers target souls. So put on your coat, dark sunglasses, and felt hat and let’s get started on our mission to save the world.


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1. What prompted you to write this book?

One element of our Christian life often avoided is soulwinning. Fear is the number one reason, primarily fear of failure. The reason we fail is that we try to win souls using our abilities, but the Lord wants to use us as a conduit, especially those who feel inept. In an effort to connect with readers, I used the comparison of soulwinners having the same mission as intelligence agents—conversion. We convert souls. CIA agents convert spies from enemy nations to become double agents working for the US. Using this analogy, I hoped to attract the fearful saint and provide suggestions and guidance to help them become successful soulwinners.

2. What are the main points of the book?

Soulwinning is not a choice. It is why we were saved. It is the mission Jesus expounded to us in Acts 1:8. Soulwinning is rewarding and may consume you. Once you become committed to soulwinning, it becomes a spiritual way of life that you don’t even think about. In the end soulwinning is nothing to fear.

3. Provide a little bit of information about your professional, educational, and ministry background.

I currently work as a licensed mental health counselor, which has been my profession for the past seventeen years. Prior to that I retired from a thirty-year career as a United States probation officer working for the US Courts. I have a BA in psychology from the University of Florida and a masters in counseling from Liberty University. I love to write, and I also authored The Overlooked: Ministering Grace in a Broken World. It furthers the message of saving lost souls, especially those plagued by addictions and mental health problems. Even though I come from a family of pulpit ministers, I am not one. Currently I am the director of the Deliverance Ministry at Path Apostolic Church, Titusville, FL pastored by my oldest son, Jody. Prior to that I held positions of outreach director, Sunday school superintendent, bus ministry director and Bible study director at the same church where I have been a member for fifty years.

4. Who is the target audience for the book?

The target audience as expressed above is the person who wants to win souls but does not know how, which was me fifty years ago. In addition it is for those who may already be involved in soulwinning and are looking for encouragement, new insight, and reinforcement for what they are doing.

5. How might the book benefit the local pastor or church member?

Pastors can use this book to empower their saints to carry out the Great Commission. I know of pastors who have used this book for soulwinning training in their church. And of course all of us can benefit from learning how to more effectively evangelize.

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