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Words fascinate me. Words are intriguing and intense. While embarrassed that English is the only language I know, I am thrilled with its vast collection of words. I love the nuances within synonyms. Driven by curiosity and desire to keep reader’s or audience’s attention, it is an adventure to uncover and present fresh, stimulating words.

When Speaks of Certainty

And yet, there are common, oft-used words that carry considerable meaning as well. For instance, the word when. When speaks of certainty: when the graduate walks to the podium and accepts his diploma, when the tenured worker retires, when the expectant mother delivers her newborn, when the sun rises, when summer arrives. When.

Jesus offered details for “when the Son of Man returns” (Matthew 24). When. Expectancy. Certainty. Jesus will come again! Click To Tweet

Wondering about prophetic fulfillment, Jesus’ disciples asked Him, “When will all this happen?” In response, Jesus offered details for “when the Son of Man returns” (Matthew 24). When. Expectancy. Certainty. Jesus will come again!

When is a promising word. Jesus used this word for His promises to us, and further used the word for His expectancies of us. During His sermon on the mount, He uttered when in reference to three irreplaceable practices. Jesus said, when you pray, when you fast, and when you give.

As Jesus directed His comments, who was He addressing? From what group of people does Jesus expect these practices? Are these specific discipling expectancies, or general? Does Jesus expect these of me?

When we pray, how does Jesus expect us to do so? Is prayer primarily about personal requests, or are there additional elements that Jesus anticipates? As the quantity and quality of our prayer develops, should the emphasis change as well?

When we fast, what is Jesus’ purpose in us? How should fasting impact our humanity? What is it about systematic self-denial that strengthens our spirituality?

What does Jesus have to say about giving? And why does He include this subject with the others? Are these disciplines somehow linked? Should prayer and fasting impact our giving?

Discipleship Now

As these subjects exist within Jesus’ most notable sermon, sincere disciples should discover the answers to questions like these and apply insights to daily living. For those who would like to initiate such a quest, WHEN is a four-part video series now available on DiscipleshipNow. Each short video segment empowers thoughtful conversations.

That is, when you view them.

Join the journey today at discipleshipnow.com.

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