The Best Family Devotions for Your Family

family devotions seoGod’s Word for Families is not your average family devotional. With 365 ten-minute devotional activities designed around a variety of learning styles, each week’s family devotions will reinforce what your family is learning at church. This wholly Apostolic discipleship tool will help you engage your family members in God’s Word every day of the week.

God’s Word for Families Devotion Overview

Sunday – Introduction (an age-appropriate version of the week’s Bible passage)

  • Each Sunday introduces a biblical passage that is then explored throughout the week. Read through this story together, drawing special attention to the Truth about God revealed by the biblical text. If your church is using God’s Word for Life curriculum, this lesson will match what your family is learning at church.

Monday – “Why?” (activities that show the purpose behind the Bible study)

  • Why do you think God created things in the order He did?family devotions seo
  • Why did God ask Cain where his brother was?
  • Why did God choose Noah?

Tuesday – Analytic Learning (“Fun Facts!” and “Did You Know?” activities to dig deeper into Scripture)

  • Did you know?: Tutankhamun’s tomb (a.k.a. King Tut) is the only royal burial site discovered by recent archaeologists where grave robbers haven’t stolen all of the treasures.
  • In Singapore, it is illegal to chew gum.
  • Did you know the Lamb’s Book of Life mentioned in Revelation 21:27 is a real book where the names of God’s people are written?

Wednesdays – Worship

  • A QR code sends you to a featured lyric video.

Thursday – Where does this apply?

  • Thursday’s activities are designed for application. How does this biblical truth impact our lives today?

Friday – Discussion

  • Friday’s devotion starts with Talk Time with questions for parents and kids to ask each other about our faith. (Example: Ask Your Parent: “Have you ever made something and thought that it was good? What was it?” Ask Your Child: “For what purpose do you think God created you?

Saturday – Family Project

  • Saturday suggests a family project that puts the Life Lesson into motion. (Example: As a family, sit down and devise a plan for building a blanket fort. Before building, map out the supplies, develop a plan, and give each family member a task.)

family devotions seoMake Disciples

The Bible teaches us to make disciples of our children. Proverbs 22:6 encourages parents, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when his is old, he will not depart from it.” This verse establishes the principle and the value of properly planting the seed of God’s Word into the hearts of children and trusting God will help them continue to grow in Christ for the rest of their lives and into eternity.

By exploring a biblical passage from Sunday to Saturday with simple, fun activities, God’s Word for Families will bring parents and kids closer to God and to one another.

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