Why You Should Invest in Others More Than Yourself

In I Samuel 22, David ran from Saul and hid at the cave of Adullam. Already anointed to be the next king, and already recognized as a giant killer, He was still a long way from reaching his God-ordained potential.

David as Captain

At the cave, four hundred men joined themselves to him, and he became captain over them. When you are alone and on the run, going from independent and isolated to a captain of four hundred men is quite a promotion. Scriptures give us further explanation as to the condition of these four hundred men, identifying them as being distressed, in debt, and discontent.

These were not Army Rangers nor were they Navy SEALs, these were the rejects—men dealing with limitations in every area of their lives. And now David was their captain.

While we aren’t really given access to all that happened behind the scenes, one Book later, a tremendous transformation occurred. Out of the four hundred that were referred to as discouraged, debtors, and discontented, we now have giant killers and courageous warriors that are known as David’s mighty men.

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Invest in Others

It is no coincidence that as these men were transformed from distressed to giant killers, David was lifted from anointed to ruling as the king, while still on the run. The kingship of David demonstrates a powerful lesson to each of us—the power of investing in others.

As leaders we can invest in things that provide temporary growth and increase. These investments can provide immediate momentum and are minimal—such as a fresh coat of paint, a new sign, updating the church logo, new carpet or chairs. Other investments are financially more significant: purchasing property and building a new building.

While each of these investments provided us immediate momentum, over time, the momentum faded. The only investment that proves a lifetime guarantee is the investment we make in developing others.

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