3 Ways to Reclaim Fatherhood

reclaim fatherhoodIt is clear to anyone paying attention that the role of the father has been under sustained attack in North America for several years. The media inundates us with less than flattering images of fathers who are either completely inept or hopelessly corrupt. If one took time to do the research, they would find that much of the vitriol aimed at fatherhood stems from a place of pain and disillusionment. The unfortunate realities of abuse and abandonment have caused many to have a cynical view of anything remotely patriarchal.

The devil exploits this to advance his sinister agenda. Fathers have been castigated by certain vocal segments of society and blamed for most of the ills that plague civilization. This coordinated effort of negativity seeks to do at least three things:

  • Dismantle the traditional family unit
  • Undermine the concept of authority
  • Destroy the idea of God as our eternal Father

How to Reclaim Fatherhood

1. Recognize your God-given role and allow the church to be the guardians of the family.

It is imperative to note that the family began with the father. God created Adam and gave him the mandate to propagate, protect, and provide. This does not negate the role of the woman in any way. The man and the woman need each other to fulfill the plan and purpose of God. The traditional family unit manifests the mind of God. Adam and his wife were a type of Christ and the church (Ephesians 5:31–32). Anything that seeks to provide an alternative to this structure is misguided at best and blatantly satanic at worst. The church must be the guardians of the family, and we cannot give in to anti-biblical concepts that seek to unravel what God Himself instituted.

2. Offer spiritual and natural direction in the home.

The kingdom of God is based on the foundation of authority. God has ultimate power over creation, and He is the one who established authority in the universe (Romans 13:1–2). God intended for legitimate authority to guide human interaction so His will would be accomplished. According to the Word of God, the father is the primary authority figure in the home (I Corinthians 11:3). Along with his spouse, he is charged with giving spiritual and natural direction to his household.

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It is imperative for us to note that the Lord admonishes fathers not to abuse their authority but instead use it for the benefit of the next generation (Ephesians 6:4). The enemy hates authority in general, and he intentionally opposes godly fatherhood by exploiting the failures and abuses that have plagued fallen humanity. Apostolic Christianity must reinforce biblical authority in the home in precept and practice.

3. Show the love of God.

God is our Father and the template for what real fatherhood should be. Jesus taught us to pray to God as our Father (Matthew 6:9). God highlights the essential nature of the role when He introduces Himself repeatedly in the context of fatherhood (Exodus 3:6).

Apostolic fathers have the opportunity to show this generation the love of God by manifesting His nature as they lead their families.

Jesus Christ is the everlasting Father who came in the flesh as the Son to demonstrate the self-sacrificial nature of true love (Isaiah 9:6). The body of Christ must illustrate to the world the dignity of fatherhood as we honor God in word and deed. Apostolic fathers have the opportunity to show this generation the love of God by manifesting His nature as they lead their families with care and commitment. In doing so, they point humanity to the Father who matters most.

Rashidi Collins is the pastor of New Life Tabernacle, located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He is a church planter and frequent conference speaker who has preached around the globe. He and his wife, Sharlene, are the parents of two children, Judah and Gabrielle.

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