The Value of Asking Questions While Teaching

asking questions seoHave you ever noticed how often in Scripture Jesus asked questions of His followers? We model His use of parables to tell stories as we teach; let’s also follow the Master Teacher in asking questions as we teach to engage students, prompt them to think more deeply about Scripture, and challenge them to apply God’s Word to their lives.

The Value of Questions

This month’s video makes the case for the following:

  1. For adults: we must find a way to incorporate questions and get disciples talking.
  2. For youth: lean in to application questions to help teenagers forge their identity around a clear understanding of God’s Word.
  3. For children: we must find ways to get our kids back into small, narrowly graded classes so they can ask questions to learn about the Bible most effectively.

Resources and Links

If you’ve not yet checked out Elements for Children, take a look at this great resource. If a child in your church receives the Holy Ghost, visit the UPCI Children’s Ministries website and share the good report. You’ll then receive a digital copy of this material. To order the printed material, take a look here.



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