Apostolic Author Post | I Choose to Win: How to Get Unstuck, Stay on Track, and Enjoy Abundant Life

how to get unstuck seoApostolic author Brian Kinsey offers tips to get unstuck, stay on track, and enjoy abundant life from his book I Choose to Win.

You have a choice about your future. When you deny that reality, you surrender your power to choose. In effect, you choose to remain stuck. But when you exercise your freedom of choice, trusting God and accepting His power in your life, you choose victory. Victory begins when you say yes to God’s Word and exercise two very potent spiritual choices: hope and faith.

How to Get Unstuck

I Choose to Win will give you the understanding and motivation you need to overcome adversity through the power of God. God works in our lives through adversity to bring us to maturity and contentment. This book will help you create a new attitude, understand God’s work in your life, receive deliverance, and move forward in faith. When you get an attitude of optimism, expectancy, and enthusiasm, opportunities grow and problems shrink.

Regardless of the negative circumstances you now face, you can move into deliverance, blessing, and peace. Click To Tweet

Regardless of the negative circumstances you now face, you can move into deliverance, blessing, and peace. I Choose to Win is divided into three parts, each designed to help with a different aspect of your journey.

Part 1 is about choosing to win. This section will help you choose victory by making four foundational choices that enable you to rise above your challenges.

Part 2 describes the principles of deliverance and will help you understand how God works in your life to bring about your deliverance through key biblical foundations.

Part 3 paints four profiles in overcoming and will inspire you to move forward in faith, based on the examples of great biblical heroes.

Each chapter closes with The Successful Seven—a checklist of action items that will reinforce your choice to win.

Never stop believing there are better days ahead.

Winning results from a knowledge of the truth, while losing is a mindset. When you choose to break free from the losing mindset that keeps you stuck, you are in a position to receive God’s help. We who believe in Christ are “more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

Other Nuggets from the Book

  • Choose to believe that change is possible.
  • Understand that God has a bright future in store for you.
  • Know that you can begin claiming that blessing now.
  • Realize that you must put yourself in a position to win by seeking out positive, faithful people.
  • Believe that your life has purpose.
  • Become a student of growth.

Never stop believing there are better days ahead.

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