The Grace Blueprint: The Story of the Tabernacle, Part 2

Enjoy part two of the interview with Lisa Taylor about her book The Grace Blueprint. Part one provides an overview of the main points of the book. The Grace Blueprint was released in 2016 and is available at the Pentecostal Publishing website. The book has been translated into French and plans are underway for it to be released in Spanish within the next year.

The mercy of God is so great that when He removes our sin, it is humanly impossible to retrieve it. Click To Tweet

While this book explains how the Tabernacle demonstrates God’s redemptive plan, what application does that have to our daily lives?

There are several but let me provide three.  First, reading this book will help believers develop a constant awareness of story of tabernacle SEOChrist’s presence in their lives. Second, readers will understand the need to experience daily cleansing by the Word of God. As I state on page 83, “For Christians to be holy before the Lord, they must dutifully wash at the laver of God’s Word every day.” Third, my book gives an overview of God’s perfection and our imperfection. We benefit from comprehending the blueprint for a holy God who came to dwell among unholy and imperfect humans.

To enjoy the book and find personal application, does one need to already have a deep understanding of the Old Testament Law in general and the Tabernacle plan specifically?

No, the book is written toward a general audience, and there are many points of application throughout the book. For example, the book touches on the priority of prayer (especially intercessory prayer), the role of worship (lifestyle and sacrifice), a call to repentance (a clean heart), the need for purification (water baptism and Word), the need for transformation, the blood of Christ, and the name of Christ.

How did your organization of the material within the book reflect the purposes of the book?

The first half of the book is focused on the various ways God interacts with his people, starting at Creation.

Reading this book will help believers develop a constant awareness of Christ’s presence in their lives.

It also explores what the Tabernacle meant to the children of Israel and its role in facilitating the covenant relationship. In the second half of the book, I focus on the structures, features, and systems of the Tabernacle. In doing so the reader can understand how the New Testament fulfils the pattern or blueprint of the Old Testament.

Who is the target audience for this book, or who do you think would enjoy it?

I wrote it for a general audience. I believe this is a book for anyone who desires to understand the Tabernacle from an Apostolic perspective, no matter their ministry role, maturity level, or calling. Furthermore, I am thankful that Purpose Institute uses the book as its textbook for the course on the Tabernacle.

As we conclude, do you have a closing thought?

As I explain in the book, understanding the Tabernacle is understanding God’s redemptive plan for humanity. On page 171, I write, “The mercy of God is so great that when He removes our sin, it is humanly impossible to retrieve it.” Whether we are a Bible student, a minister, or a new believer pursing a deeper walk with God, we all benefit from walking in the grace God has given us.

Bio: Lisa Taylor is an Apostolic author and a credentialed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International. She serves in ministry at her local church under the leadership of Pastor David Reever at Abundant Life Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Taylor graduated for Apostolic Bible Institute and Kent Christian College. Taylor also served in ministry overseas, spending three summers in Great Britain with the Associated in Missions program. Taylor also taught at both the high school and college level and completed a B.A. in history at Eastern University. She completed graduate-level and seminary coursework at Eastern, Liberty University, and at Urshan Graduate School of Theology. In addition to serving her local church, she also teaches for Purpose Institute and serves on Purpose Institute’s Global Team.

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