Elements – New Discipleship Course – a Pastor’s Review

Joshua Arrand, pastor of More Life Tabernacle of Swartz Creek, Michigan, shares his review of Elements.

“I am simply amazed at how wonderful the new discipleship curriculum Elements is” (Joshua Arrand).

What Is Elements?

Elements is a new discipleship course for grounding new believers. Click To Tweet

Elements is a new discipleship course for grounding new believers, built from a proven model using the outline and courses UPCI General Superintendent David K. Bernard created to successfully plant churches.

What Our Church Likes about Elements

The appearance, layout, and educational approach of Elements is thoroughly impressive. The attention to detail is first-class. From helpful tips for teachers, easy to read fonts, colorful photographs, to introduction videos for each session—even the quality of materials used in the printing process is amazing.

How Do We Use Elements?

The material covered in Elements is so important that our church is teaching it not only to new disciples but also to our seasoned saints. In my opinion Elements has set a new standard in publications when it comes to curriculum, and, as a minister, it makes me proud when our movement releases top-tier products such as Elements. Well done!

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