Tyranny of the Urgent | Effective Ministry When Life Is Demanding

effective ministry seoBy Rodney Shaw

Ministry is demanding. Finding our stride in ministry without letting the distractions take over is an almost insurmountable task. Here’s the thing: The work of ministry is never done; there are always people to reach. Ministering is most often an expenditure of emotion, information, counsel, and energy. And it becomes a challenge to manage these things on top of engaging in never-ending ministry. Recognize that most of the transactions in ministry are withdrawals. To be effective in ministry, we must approach issues with a strategic mindset.

Approach Issues with a Strategic Mindset

Urgent matters arise whether you are prepared for them or not. Issues within the church building or in a department can cause us to be reactionary instead of approaching these issues with a strategic mindset. We can fall into the rut of merely responding to these needs and issues with no capacity to move beyond problem management and into visionary leadership. So how can we be truly effective in this environment? Here are four tips to be effective in ministry.

1. Establish Priorities

To live a disciplined life, we must establish priorities.

  • Learn the power of boundaries. There are 24 hours in a day and 365 days in the year. Boundaries are necessary to accomplish all that you need to accomplish. They provide limits and focus for what we have. We must make healthy choices in our day with those boundaries in mind.
  • Learn spiritual discipline. If we are not attentive and intentional with spiritual disciplines, they will not happen. Make a commitment to prayer. Start by knowing when and where you will pray tomorrow.

2. Manage Your Resources

Manage your time. Know where your time is going. Take a week and log how you spend your time. Click To Tweet

Manage your resources, or they will slip away from you.

  • Manage your time. Know where your time is going. Take a week and log how you spend your time. You may find inefficiencies that can be improved.
  • Manage your money. If you don’t manage it, it will manage you.
  • People are also resources we must be mindful of. We should consider who we spend our time with, who we invest in, and who we allow to invest in us. Pay close attention to how you engage these resources.

3. Understand Yourself

You are wonderfully made. It is important you understand your personality. What gives you energy? What drains you? Know your temperament. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where have you been the most effective in ministry? Where do you need to improve? Have your own growth plan to ensure you are investing in yourself properly.

4. Develop Your Abilities and Prepare for What’s Next

Equip yourself to fulfill God’s purpose in your life. Don’t be distracted by others’ callings and ministries, and instead focus on what you are called to do. Commit to personal development and prepare for the next season God has for you.

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