Ministering to Individuals with Disabilities

One of the topics that comes up at all of the teacher training conferences I’m part of is how to minister to individuals with disabilities. I am thankful for this conversation!

Ministering to Individuals with Disabilities

Our calling to teach is a call to minister to all students of all ability levels. I am thankful this month that Sarah Zenobia, a speech pathologist at the Center for Autism Education, joins us to share strategies for ministering to students with additional needs.
As you evaluate your class, consider the following:

  1. The topic of disabilities should not be categorized as a discussion for teachers of children only. If you teach youth or adults, consider how these techniques could help you minister to individuals affected by disability.
  2. Creating supports and a plan to help individuals with disabilities is not a one-time event. Revisit the conversation frequently and adjust supports to ensure the individual is ministered to most effectively.
  3. Connect with children’s parents to work together as partners. We don’t teach in isolation. Understand the student’s needs by talking to those who know him or her best.

Resources and Links

ABLE Ministry Facebook Group (An online support group for ministering to individuals with disabilities.)

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