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Seasons of waiting seo

Seasons of Waiting on the Potter’s Wheel

Are you in a waiting season right now? Can you sense that you are on the potter’s wheel right now? We feel the torment of the breaking and the making. We are spinning, out of our control. The master potter has ordained for each of us a season of waiting. As long as we are…

culture of kindness seo

How Do You Treat Your Family? | Creating a Culture of Kindness in Your Home

Are you nicer to strangers than to the people who live in your own home? Counselor Miranda Dennis explains how to undo the damage you may be inflicting on those you love most. Did you know that your family is the body of Christ? Unfortunately, it is easy to be like the world and excuse or justify…

lesson plans seo

A Note for Teachers | The Value of Lesson Plans

Lee Ann Alexander, associate editor of the UPCI, leads the curriculum team at Pentecostal Publishing House. As a preacher of the gospel, she is passionate about training teachers. Here she discusses the importance of having lesson plans. As a kid I remember long afternoons at the end of the school day when my brother and…

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