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Acts 2:38: What Does It Mean for Salvation? |Read a Book Excerpt Here

In his book Acts 2:38, Dr. Norris covers many subjects: salvation, faith, holiness, learning from the ancients, Hell, among others. Your faith and understanding will grow as you read through this book. Acts 2:38 Excerpt She begins, “I want to know about speaking in tongues, for instance.” Kristyn is nothing but kind, and even if…

What’s So Spiritual about Fasting? | A Podcast with David K. Bernard, Episode 89

Many churches set aside time for prayer and fasting at the beginning of the new year. This begs the question: what’s so spiritual about going hungry? Dr. David K. Bernard explains what the Bible says about fasting and why an empty stomach can bless your soul. He covers the biblical purpose of fasting in this…

Methods to Overcome Learned Helplessness in the Classroom

“You can do it, and we aren’t moving on until you do.”—Me being the mean teacher. It became a standoff between me and a student. Not because I’m mean, lacking compassion, or needing to win. It was a standoff because that student needed to learn confidence, to trust and believe in their ability. Learned Helplessness…

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