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toxic thoughts seo

How to Replace Toxic Thoughts with God’s Truth

“When we replace toxic thoughts with God’s positive truth, it transforms our heart, soul, and mind, including physical healing to the brain.” Isaiah 61 proclaims the Messiah would come with the good news of salvation and would come to bind up the brokenhearted and proclaim liberty to captives in prison. This Old Testament prophet indicated…

feelings of inadequacy

For Young Ladies | How to Overcome Feelings of Inadequacy

The Girl in the Dress, a book written just for girls about the importance and beauty of holiness, helps us realize why it is important to take a stand for modesty and purity in today’s world. Apostolic authors Lori Wagner and Gwyn Oakes take an excellent approach concerning the way the Bible teaches us to…

Sure foundations seo

Next-Generation Stewards: How to Build upon a Sure Foundation

I recently heard a man who had purchased and completely restored an old house say that he saw himself as a “next-generation steward”: He spent a great amount to acquire a property he could restore. He prided himself in using the new and improved to preserve the old and proven. Since the foundation was sure,…

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