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Recommended Christian Books for Men

You’re a man of God. You know you’re called to be a leader in your community and in your walk with Jesus. But what do you do when you don’t feel like you’re measuring up? Finding Apostolic books geared specifically for men that both encourage and challenge them can be difficult. However, the Pentecostal Publishing…

Love Our Neighbors Abroad | Read Excerpts from Missionaries

Pentecostal Publishing House has many books chronicling the ministry of our cherished heroes of the faith. In this blog, we introduce readers to Elton D. Bernard (Korea) and Nona Freeman’s writings of time spent in Africa. Their godly examples of servanthood in missions are a testimony to faith and endurance. May their words serve as…

forgiveness Seo

Keep Short Lists: Why Forgiveness Is Key to Healthy Faith

One summer during my high school years, I worked at Holly Lister’s General Store. It was a quintessential small-town general store that sold everything from fishing lures to fancy molasses. While the store had a little bit of almost everything—or so it seemed to this teenage boy—most customers stopped by to pick a few items.…

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