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encouraging words seo

Three Ways to Offer Encouraging Words to Students | From Me to Teechr

Krisann Durnford, field editor for Word Aflame curriculum, offers encouraging words for teachers. Teachers have splendid opportunities to encourage others. Humans are hard-wired to please those we follow and from whom we learn. Students hope for a mentor’s approval. That approval encourages us to stretch, to gain knowledge, and to grow. Consider three ways to…

making time for family seo

Making Time for Family

The lovely Andrea and I were working to tiptoe the tightrope of work and family. We gathered around our dining room table in search of a Saturday to take our girls somewhere special, but there were precious few to be found. That’s when we decided to reserve specific weekend days as “family days” in order…

Touched by God

Touching and Being Touched by God

“Touch Me”—God. Did you ever take a four-year-old to an art museum? Watch out! There he goes, crawling under the velvet rope connecting brass posts. Poking the do not touch signs. Racing down the red carpets. Art museums are not designed to entertain preschoolers. But the children’s museum, that’s a different story. Signs are everywhere:…

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