Book Recommendations for 2022

As we enter 2022, many of us plan to read more. Reading can sharpen our thinking, help assimilate new perspectives into our consciousness, and provide a deeper understanding of concepts we are familiar with but have not mastered.

For the last few years, Brother Bernard and the Division of Publications have published a list of recommended reading. The idea behind the list is to help individuals grow in their understanding of doctrine and to expose readers to important ideas that will develop them in leadership and ministry. For 2022 Brother Bernard and three others have recommended a list of twelve books.

Dr. David Norris, professor of theology at Urshan Graduate School of Theology, provided three recommendations:

  1. Spiritual Leadership in the Twenty-First Century by David K. Bernard.

    The 2022 recommended reading list includes recommendations from four key UPCI leaders and includes twelve ministry related books for professional development, growth, and continuing education. Buy the kit here.

    Many practical questions about leadership are addressed in this book. Dr. Bernard addresses important issues in everything from church finances to time management. Practical suggestions are quite helpful in subjects such as counseling, setting a vision for the church, and developing leaders.

  2. Ten Words: A Practical Look at the Ten Commandments by LJ Harry is rich in principles and practical advice based on the Ten Commandments found in the Book of Exodus. This book would make a great series for a midweek Bible study. In writing this book, Pastor LJ Harry dug deep and caused me to think about the principle related to each commandment.
  3. I Think I’m Called: What Do I Do Now? by Gary Dornbach. I recommend this book to any young adult working through questions of calling. This book is a great resource because it offers solid advice and parameters based on biblical principles without mystifying the notion of calling.

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