7 Ways to Develop Your Walk with God and Experience Spiritual Growth

spiritual growth seoApostolic author Liane Grant has written a journal to help you experience spiritual growth.

Every day God is watching over us, leading us, and helping us to grow. His mercies are new every morning! To develop our walk with God, here are several daily actions we can take.

Spiritual Growth Actions

  1. Prayer (Luke 11:3)
  2. Praise (Psalm 145:2)
  3. Bible reading (Acts 17:11)
  4. Joyful attitude (Acts 2:46)
  5. Encouragement (Hebrews 3:13)
  6. Witnessing (Acts 5:42)
  7. Self-denial (Luke 9:23)

The God who created us knows that if we do these vital actions only once in a while, we will not grow in Him. Often, it’s the consistency of an action that is more valuable than the actual amount of time we dedicate to it. We understand this principle in the physical realm. We would not ingest an entire bottle of vitamins the first day of the month. We would consider it crazy to attempt to run a marathon without having exercised for several weeks leading up to it.

We are also conscious of daily actions when it comes to relationships. We tell our children we love them every day, not just once a year. We are respectful to our boss daily, not just when we feel like it.

Daily time with God needs to be a priority, and a devotional journal can be a special part of this time. I wrote Order My Steps devotional journal as a forty-week “birth” or “rebirth” to help new or long-time Christians solidify their relationship with God. Each step builds on the previous one and draws us ever closer to the Lord.

A couple of years after writing Order My Steps, I was going through a challenging time with many changes in my life. God told me to use my own journal He had inspired me to write. As I went through it over the next few months, my spirit settled and things fell into place again. I pray it will be a blessing to you as well!

Resources and Links

Order My Steps is a devotional journal for people longing to be closer to God and to have Him lead their daily lives.